Rome – City Of Ruins

Rome is one of those cities that always features on bucket lists for those on their first trip to Europe. Tales and legends of Rome abound in pop culture, and you probably didn't get through high school history class without learning a fair amount about this city. I mean, it was the birthplace of modern European culture. (Yes Greece, I know you were important in that too, but for now, I'm talking about Rome.) You can hardly walk two city blocks in Rome without coming up on some sort of historical site. In fact, the reason Rome only has two main underground train lines is that whenever they try to dig the third, they inevitably end up making some sort of important archeological discovery. And believe me, important archeological discoveries tend to slow down metro digging considerably. Rome is more than just a city that was important in history class. It is a thriving modern city with it's fair share of social ills as well. Traffic can be shocking during peak times, and those 'beware of pickpocket' signs on the metro are there for good reason. And of course, there are the throngs and throngs of other tourists and sight seers. But despite that, it is still possible to lose yourself in the past in Rome. Just next to the Colosseum is the Roman Forum. The forum contains the ruins of several ancient government buildings, and with the right amount of attention to angles, it is even possible to get some pictures without any people in them. (My ultimate mission at any popular site) Of course, if you are extremely lucky, you might even get an almost human free Colosseum picture.Rome is also known as the city of fountains. Can you guess why? Oh yes, because of the fountains. Again, don’t expect to have these peaceful squares all to yourself, but with a little imaginative cropping, you might be able to get a crowd free photo.
Like with other popular tourist spots, Rome is one of those places where you need to embrace the crowds if you want to enjoy yourself. But if you are like me and find people watching (especially poorly dressed tourists… ) amusing, even more so with gelato in hand, then you should be just fine.